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Almost everthing is up side down,
my head does nothing thdan spinning around.
I feel like just everybody is kidding me,
no matter if it´s a friend or my family.
Everthing I do is to get the time go faster,
I feel so empty that I got a laughter.
If I smoke my Weed I get so high,
but I´m crying inside,
´cause I can´t catch the sky.
So I almost do´nt give a damn ´bout nothing,
´cause everytime I do I get more and more sick
but it´s that pain and I´m loving it.
I feel so alone so I´m going to start,
to feel only the bass drums in my heart.
Falling not in love makes me okay,
but I know there´s something inside,
that says "take him with you on your way!",
and thats true but you sat me aside.
I´m loving to be at home alone,
just listening to music,
hearing nothing,
not even the fucking telephone.
But I wish I could see you again,
mybe tomorrow, I´ll call you, so than.
Should I fight or should I let go,
I think I´ll take the first,
´cause I like you so.
Sometimes it´s getting all over my brain,
the problems, the people and that fucking rain.

Could please anyone tell me what to do?
I can´t stand nothing when I´m thinking of
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